Bar-Building Package

New to cocktails? No problem.

You supply your budget and taste preferences, and we’ll give you a list of recommendations on how to stock your home bar, right down to the brands that suit your price point.

After that consultation comes the inaugural cocktail party, at which we’ll teach you how to use your new bar. You’ll learn at least one recipe for each ingredient – that’s a guarantee – along with the history and technique you’d be taught at an ordinary HCS cocktail lesson.


The bar-building package includes:
-       Consultation on stocking your home bar
-       A lesson covering all newly-acquired ingredients
-       Up to four hours of bartending time
-       Set-up and clean-up
-       TIPS-certified staff

Recommended for groups no larger than twenty. Longer events, special large recipe cards, and other extras may be available for an additional fee. Events start at $350.

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