Workhorse Spirits for Your Home Bar

Finding base spirits of a high enough quality to make good cocktails and a low enough price to make them often can be quite challenging. We hope this list of recommended spirits will help you get started.

The particular spirits included are mixologically versatile, of good quality, and inexpensive by the standards of their respective categories (the target is always the $25-$35 per bottle price range). They're also reliably available outside of greater Boston; if you'd like to know more about spirits specific to New England, visit our "Drink Local" page.

This list grew out of a blog post on bar staples back in 2016. It will continue to evolve as prices change and new products become available or old ones cease to be, so be sure to keep checking back!

Rye - Rittenhouse 100º
Bourbon - (Haven't found it yet; recommendations are welcome!)

Dark - Rhum Barbancourt
Light - Privateer Silver if available, Flor de Caña otherwise



Apple Brandy
Laird's 100º