Hoefling at Local Spirits Festival 2017.png

Brian D. Hoefling

(The "o" is silent.)

I founded the Herzog Cocktail School in 2012 to bring the fruits of the cocktail renaissance to a wider audience, through hands-on lessons in the history and preparation of classic drinks. I’ve been stunned by the enthusiasm with which that project has been met: the classes I’ve taught have ranged in size from intimate engagement parties to college reunions, and have included ongoing lesson series in Boston and New Haven as well as seminars at Thirst Boston and the San Antonio Cocktail Conference. As ubiquitous as cocktails have become since I started doing this, there is still no shortage of people who want to learn more about them - and I’ll keep giving lessons as long as that’s the case.

In 2016, Abbeville Press published my first book, Distilled Knowledge: The Science Behind Drinking’s Greatest Myths, Legends, and Unanswered Questions. That project touched off an ongoing interest in alcohol and science, which I indulge by staying up to date on the research and occasionally conducting my own experiments.

Since 2017, I’ve had the pleasure of promoting local distillers through Hub Beverage, a Massachusetts liquor distributor that exclusively carries craft spirits and primarily works with New England producers. I’m also a freelance writer, with a special fondness for topics in cocktail history and New England culture; I’ve had the pleasure of writing for publications as diverse as First Things and the Boston Business Journal.

When not working, I enjoy a glass of fine, aged rum. When working, I enjoy it all the more.