Negroni Week

Monday kicks off Negroni Week, co-sponsored by Campari and Imbibe Magazine. What's a Negroni week, you ask? It's a time when over one thousand bars around the world will donate a portion of their Negroni revenues to charity. In other words, a time when you have no good reason not to drink Negronis.

We're getting in on the action in our own way. Our event next week is for the benefit of AccesSportAmerica, an organization that trains people with disabilities in extreme sports, to help them achieve higher function. If that sounds awesome, that's because it is. The Negroni, naturally, is one of our featured cocktails.

But there's no reason that should be your only Negroni this week. There are twenty-one participating bars in Boston alone, raising money for everything from the Sean A. Collier Memorial Fund to the MSPCA, and another two dozen across the state. (You can find a list of participating bars here.)

Negroni Week runs from June 2 to June 8. If you've ever wanted to compare all the Negronis in your neighborhood, you couldn't pick a better time to start!