“Drink is in itself a good creature of God”

- Increase Mather


The Herzog Cocktail School is a Boston-based bartending and events planning service, with cocktail lessons as our signature feature.

At one of our lessons, you and your guests will learn the history of the cocktail phenomenon as a whole, the stories of the individual drinks being prepared, and how to make them. The menu is limited only by your imagination.

Following the lesson, your bartender will continue in his role for the rest of the event, and answer any questions you or your guests may have.

We'll come to you, wherever you like - be it for a birthday, a bachelor party, a company training event, or just a Friday. We set up, clean up, and bring all the tools we'll need. 

Or, if you prefer, we can arrange an event at one of our partner venues. We'll take care of working out the details - you just show up and enjoy!



When you work with HCS, you can be assured of the following:

-      All bartenders we provide are TIPS-certified
-      Our staff are are knowledgeable about everything from current bar trends to the most colorful parts of history, mixological or otherwise
-      We keep a careful eye on locally-made spirits, and we're always happy to highlight them
-      Our clients have been consistently satisfied since our first days in business in 2012