This authoritative account should quench your thirst for knowledge about the facts and myths surrounding alcoholic beverages, from how they are made to what effects they have on people. What a delightful read, written in an easy to understand style with superb illustrations.
— Richard N. Zare, Marguerite Blake Wilbur Professor in Natural Science at Stanford University

This page is your one-stop shop for information about my book, Distilled Knowledge, a reference guide to scientific topics that relate to drinking, from fermentation to hangover!

General Information
Publication Date: October 4th, 2016 (officially, but Christmas came early on September 15th!)
Publisher: Abbeville Press
Length: 208 Pages
Pictures: Heck yeah! Over forty of them.

Full References for Distilled Knowledge
As promised on page 196, a full list of references for the book, arranged by chapter, is available online. You can find it at

An Additional Acknowledgement
Molly Jarvis didn't make it into the Distilled Knowledge acknowledgements, but she deserves recognition for the wonderful things she's done for the Herzog Cocktail School over the years. Our logo is her handiwork, she's taken some of the most iconic photographs at our events, and she created the very website you're currently browsing! Everybody say, "Thank you, Molly!" (And still does freelance design work - email if you'd like an introduction!)

Upcoming Events
You can find the full calendar of upcoming events in various cities at

Local Shops Carrying Distilled Knowledge
The Boston Shaker, Davis Sq., Somerville
Harvard BookstoreHarvard Sq., Cambridge
Porter Square Books, Porter Sq., Cambridge
Newtonville BooksNewton Centre, Ironically
Brookline BooksmithCoolidge Corner, Brookline
Wellesley Books, Wellesley Center

Online Ordering Information
If you're so excited about the book that you can't wait until there's an event in your area to get a copy, you're awesome; and if you the bookstores in your area aren't carrying Distilled Knowledge, you can place an order on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, or directly through Abbeville Press!

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Countdown of Cocktails Mentioned in Distilled Knowledge
[Felodipine] Greyhound
Old Fashioned
Mint Julep
Boston Sour
Vodka Tonic
Hemingway Daiquiri
Monkey Gland
Blue Blazer
Absinthe Drip
Milk Punch
Hot Schnappsolate

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Radio Interviews & Podcasts
What's Cookin' Today? on CRN, September 16 (Eight minutes, starts at the 27:33 mark)
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